Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unnecessarily Complicated ABC's

Recently, I saw a gig by Michael Mcintyre, inventor of the self-propelled skip. He was talking about how he gets nervous when he has to spell over the phone and come up with the strangest words like "N for nougat", "S for slut, sex, scrotum" and "throw them a curve-ball like G... for gnome".

So I decided, just for a bit of fun, to do an an unnecessarily complicated list of ABC's. Click on it to learn what it means (in Chinese):

A for Adamantium
B for Buxom
D for Dementia
E for Eulogy
F for Faux Pas
G for Gaudy
H for Hillbilly
J for Juxtapose
K for Knowledge
L for Libido
M for Masochist
O for Origami
P for Pedophile
Q for Quasimodo
R for Rhubarb
S for Sodomize
T for Terrapin
U for Uganda
V for Vaginal
W for Wikipedia
X for Xenon
Z for Zealot

What did you come up with?

You can watch the bit by Mr Mcintyre here, starting at 7:18

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