Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Analyse This

So I finally installed Google Analytics on this Blog, and I just got yesterday's results.

5 visits.

Yeah, 5.


And I visited my blog at least 4 times! I really wish I had this installed earlier so I can see which posts worked and which didn't But my gut feeling tells me that none of them really did... I have to get better at this. So much good content in here left unread...

Or is there?

I spent some time on SLATE and that is one awesome site for the most out-of-this-world articles such as the World's loneliest man and preventing female orgasms. Insightful, entertaining and humorous all at the same time!

I have to get better. I need focus. I was brewing new ideas for blogs and I came up with twice as many visits I got yesterday.

That's right, TEN different blog ideas.

I need more time to think... I shall save more brewing for tomorrow.


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Carpe Diem. Or "Seize the Day". Kobe Bryant aka The Black Mamba's mantra. We too should take this opportunity to Carpe Diem and treasure each and every day because tomorrow is not a guarantee but a privilege.

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