Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Talk Singlish?

Damn shiok sia! Tomorrow morning go Singapore. The flight is at 8 something. So early, rooster also haven't come out yet.

But so exciting! I get to see my secondary school friends again. Last time I saw them was last year in April liaoz. Over a year ago... Although just going for the weekend and come back on Sunday, still will be very fun la. For sure will talk cock till very late, play basketball in the heat, go clubbing in Clarke Quay and just have fun together.

Can hardly wait sia... I bought the jersey in the photo for my friends. One for each of us! They are characters from Slam Dunk. We basically grew up on that anime and played basket because of it. We go way back, when we were young, playing basket at the community center outside our school. That time so xianz, cannot play in school uniform. So stupid one the discipline master. Mr. Ho then "Horse Penis", always give us trouble.

Haha! Good times, good times.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's where I learned English

For a more authentic reference, check this out:

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