Friday, August 13, 2010

Kung-Fu Panda Make Us Strong

I love Pandas. They're so cute and cuddly, but absolutely defenseless. Kinda like me! I mean, how can they possibly fend for themselves in the wilderness? They're slow, large, picky eaters and monochromatic. Not much of a camouflage unless they lived in silent movies. At least zebras can run!

That's why the movie Kung-Fu Panda was so empowering! Don't judge solely by appearance because Po the Panda can kick some serious panther ass.

Even little kids gravitate towards the movie. One time, my cousin took his 4-year old son to a Chinese temple, which immediately reminded the boy of Kung-Fu Panda. He was mesmerized by the setting and mimicked the grown-ups praying. Standing at attention, fist in hand and bowing repeatedly, he chanted, "Kung-Fu Panda make us strong."

Indeed, he does, for the secret ingredient is...


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