Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore!

Singapore was an absolute blast! It's a great feeling to experience such loyal and unchanging friendship in a rapidly evolving country. I have seen so many changes to the landscape of Singapore this past weekend that I feel truly blessed to be able to talk to my school friends as if I never left over a decade ago.

We derive so much joy merely from each other's company that we can just riff about crap on Youtube till 3 in the morning, sleep 6 hours to play basketball for 3, taunt online challengers while getting our asses kicked at Street Fighter (PS3 nitcloud sucks Feilong's super combo balls!), make fun of Tyler the Great Warrior all day (we're all going to hell for that, by the way) and still have an iota of energy to go clubbing at some rip-off "Nurses night" party. The ratio of nurses to guys was like 1:200, and the ratio of people dancing to those who weren't was like 1:50.

Stay tuned for more on Tyler and Singapore Clubbing in upcoming posts.

For now, I shall indulge in the sweet memories of a weekend with 3 of my best dearest most loyal and trustworthy friends forever.

(P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Singapore's epic fail in 2009. I present to you Ris Low, Miss Singapore 2009:

A short weekend in Singapore has bestowed on me an absolute FOUNTAIN of material.)

HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY, Singapore!
I will always love you.

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