Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Infinity & Beyond in 3D (or not...)

Finally caught Toys Story 3 at IMAX last night. The story was totally great, voice-acting amazingly superb, animation flawless as usual and IMAX 3D glasses absolutely unnecessary.

My girlfriend and I have come to the conclusion that we will not fork out the extra money to watch another IMAX or so-called Real 3D movie ever again, unless Avatar 2 comes along or something near that level of ground-breakability. I mean, the first Toy Story was already 3D, so what's the big difference?

I bet it's just a scam to make honest movie-goers put on those wacky sunglasses in the dark. We get it. Ha. Ha. Very freaking funny Hollywood.

Oh but the story was really well thought out and I am extremely impressed by the people at Pixar to have come up with the perfect plot to bring a heart-warming finale to the franchise. I was surprised when I first learnt of the third installment of Toy Story since I have been all but forgotten about the series. This third movie is by far the best and most touching offering, and it could not have been made possible without the first 2 Toy Stories. Successful sequels are always difficult to make, but it is my humble opinion that Pixar has demonstrated their undeniable ability at rising up to the challenge once again. There was never a dull moment in the film which was well-paced with humor and wit. Moreover, the plethora of toys and sights Pixar put into the film was a real labor of love and an absolute delight for the audience.

If you thought an animated film about toys cannot evoke emotions, watch Toy Story 3.

Perhaps Hollywood do know what they're doing with those wacky glasses; they can hide the tears of parents and grown-men alike.

Still, I'll stick to 35mm from now on. I'm all set with Kleenex from the money I'd save.

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