Sunday, July 25, 2010

How NOT to Lose Weight?

I've been on a Special K diet for the past 2 weeks, where I have the cereal twice a day in place of breakfast and lunch.

This clearly did not work for me, because I cannot sustain this throughout the week! I get such strong cravings over the weekends that I succumb and eat like an absolute PIG for 2 days straight. Just today I had an upsized McDonald's Big'n Tasty Value Meal, 3 pieces of McWings, most of my girlfriend's fries, a can of coke, 2 Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and 300 grams of Mix'n Match candy. I indulge myself to veer off course so as not to totally lay waste to my precious weekends.

This is what happens when you have a job instead of a career; the weekend takes on a whole different meaning and purpose.

Only 28.6% of my life from here on out will be spent in happiness unless I get myself a career pronto!

I need to find the inner Ninja A-SAP!

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