Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Affair with Assassins

So I have to write a thesis for my Masters in Creative Writing. My advisor recommends that I do a full-length screenplay. But first, I will need an idea. I'm written quite a few stories for the class last year, and most of them featured an assassin of sorts.

In my first story, the one I wrote that got me into the program, featured an assassin of humble and low-key demeanor who took the bus and remarked on every little detail. He had a sexy and exotic Thai accomplice who would tell him his next "hit" in a dark, filthy alley. He was obviously infatuated by her.

In a second story, this time a script of sorts, I imagined an assassin of the most sensuous and seductive kind named Megan (for obvious reasons), who had an altercation with a dorky loser in an elevator, but somehow falling for his shameless charm and persistence. There's already a lot of sexual tension and awkwardness when you are in an elevator with somebody hot, but this was amplified by the fact that Megan was scorching and had a gun. Danger and sex do mix into a potent cocktail.

The latest story I wrote with an assassin in it was Smith, a flash fiction of a meager 100-words. This was your run of the mill professional assassin, perched on a roof and making a hit. It is when the reader reads 2 other flash fiction pieces (Debbie and Dr. Mark) that the story expands to more than just another hit.

So I figure my thesis will bound to have an assassin in it. For some reason, I'm thinking of a homosexual one. And the title would be called Brighellina a made-up word for the camp version of Brighella, who is a character in Commedia dell'arte. The Brighella is the "muscle" and "dangerous" character in a comedy who is often portrayed as a butcher or some other middle-class servant.

Just imagine the possibilities of an assassin who wields a pink sniper and is afraid of blood. Or if he's not afraid of blood, he'll know exactly how to clean out the stains or match it perfectly with a pair of red polka-dotted white Lucky jeans.

OR, Brighellina could be a lesbian, just the way Rihanna likes it with Megan Fox.

Hubba hubba!

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