Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daddyland Extreme

I just read an article by Nathan Hegedus professing his adoration for Sweden's paid paternity leave. A very generous one I might add, for the author was able to stretch his leave to 18 of the past 36 months! He coined his paid time away from work a trip to "Daddyland".

I'd like a trip to Daddyland myself. No, I don't have any children I can call my own and neither a son nor daughter, but I do have a child I feel a need to take care of.

And that child is me.

My daddy's in Heaven and I don't really want mommy hanging around all the time "taking care" of me, so I think I'm the one best fitted for the paternal leave.

It's funny how my generation of post-80's seem to have trouble growing up! Some of us still feel like kids way into our 30's! If we were given this "Daddyland Extreme" leave, what would we do...

We'd go spend a year in Australia working on farms... We'd go back to school... We'd travel the world on a backpack... We'd take classes in things we never dreamed of taking in College like Cinematography... We'd start our own online business... We'd perform on the streets and live off a pittance... We'd sleep with as many women (or men, whichever the predilection) as we possibly can without contracting STD's... We'd pursue our dreams of becoming a pilot or a rap artist... We'd go and "discover" ourselves... And we'd blog about it!

If I had a chance to take a trip to "Daddyland Extreme", I'd sell all my unwanted sneakers, video games and DVD's in $1 online auctions, I'd go to the gym everyday and seriously lose weight, I'd write everyday and work towards my book, I'd travel every opportunity I get, I'd talk to everybody I meet, I'd play basketball everyday, I'd work at McDonald's, I'd smoke pot and I'd become a Rastafari if they'd let me.

Come to think of it, nothing's stopping me to do all that now.

What would you do on a trip to "Daddy/Mommyland Extreme"?

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