Saturday, September 4, 2010

1-bit At a Time

I'm such a nerd... I've been experimenting with pixel art recently for no apparent reason other than because I'm a nerd. Pixel art is basically built by teeny tiny Lego blocks that are 1-bit big... which isn't very big.

Will Smith once said that his father made him and his brother build a wall when they were like 7 years old. He thought the task was impossible, but his father told him never to admit defeat to impossibility. He told a young Will Smith not to think of it as building a wall, but to lay each and every brick perfectly, one by one. Soon, you will have a wall.

That "soon" lasted 2 years.

That's like pixel art, but sooner. Here's my first attempt, check it out:
There're over 20,000 1-bit bricks in this!

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