Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moving Out

It's not easy growing up in a well ventilated glasshouse filled with food, water and all the other basic necessities of life, and then some.

Especially when you decide to leave it.

Where should I begin? Do I buy or rent? Can I afford either? Do I forward all my mail? Do I take all my stuff with me? What if it doesn't fit? Shit, I know it's not going to fit in my would-be dingy apartment! Should I set up a home phone number? How do I get electricity into the house? What about water? How do I pay for it? How much does electricity and water cost? What sort of furniture do I need? Do I cook my own food? Can I come home for dinner? Can I even come home?

Sigh... So many questions, yet so little guidance. This is the problem with growing up in a glasshouse.

You get too comfortable. You become immobile and reluctant to move.

But I must.

And I will.

As soon as I figure out how much money I need...

Damn Hong Kong real estate pricing to hell!

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