Monday, January 31, 2011

Couver Town: Day 2

Vancouver is awesome!! My cousin took me to an establishment where it is rumored that hostesses and waitresses are hired based on 2 scores: Face and the figure. And it really shows! Plus the food is great, which is definitely a bonus.

What's more, the Lakers were playing the Celtics and they had them on in 1 of the 8 television screens. The other 7 were playing the National Curling Championships. That's when you know you're in Canada!

My cousin also took me downtown, which was bustling! A great departure from the calm and serenity of the suburbs. I think I may really grow to love this city! Am looking forward to the "Action Adventure" class I'm going to audit at the Vancouver Film School on Tuesday. Fingers-crossed I get impressed and inspired enough to actually move here for a year!

Tomorrow I'm going to get to spend the day on my own. Where will I go? Stay tuned!

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