Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couver Town: Day 3

Chaos in Canada!!! I found a pair of Joker-colored Kobe V todays at the most unexpected place. It was this all-purpose sports store called Sport Chek in the mall across my hotel. Not only did they have my size, it was on sale! But because of tax and how strong the Canadian dollar is right now, it still cost more than retail in Hong Kong dollars. Yet, it's still considerably under the resale price. What's most important, it was such a surprise to find them sitting on the shelves and on freaking discount! That was the only color-way of the V's which were on sale by the way. The Miles Davis, away and Charlotte colors were all original priced. Soooo wicked!

Ok, so my class audit is tomorrow. Failed to get in touch with the local advisor today, but I'm hoping it'll all work out. I surveyed the area and managed to find the campus, a modest little building at the corner of the street. I wonder what it's going to be like!!

Full class review tomorrow...

(P.S. I saw "The Dilemma" yesterday at the cinema and "Fracture" today on Netflix. Guess which was more entertaining?)

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