Thursday, January 27, 2011

iPhone Game Review: Epic War 3

Don't even get me started on this game! I downloaded it for free from Appshopper, an app I check every night for free goodies. I like to set the filters to "price changes" and "free" to make sure I get the best deal. Lo and behold, Epic Wars 3. Never heard of the game, saw that it looked a lot like Tower Defense which I hate but downloaded it anyways cos' it was free, and supposedly had some sort of card-collecting element in it. Kinda reminded me of Magic the Gathering, so I got it.

As it nested unobtrusively on page 5 of my iPhone amongst its colorful icon friends, I decided to give the game a whirl. The load screen was super fast, which was great. The game was easy to pick up, characters were colorful and the unit variety was enough to get you going.

And once you get going, shit gets EPIC! Maybe it's the promise of new units and spells... Maybe it's the ability to level up said units and spells... Maybe it's that epic sounding horn when you think you are owning the enemy's castle only to find a horde of 50+ creatures splurging out from the right side of the screen... Maybe it's the spine tinging cough that I am suffering from... But this game is a lot of fun!

There is some strategy involved, but swamping usually does the trick. Nothing like overpowering archer bitches and magic witches with hammer wielding minotaurs and snow beasts. Oh, and you have a hero too, but he's not all that powerful once you get to the good stuff. I keep my hero alive just to earn that extra 10,000 points. Such a tease, them points.

I'm still working through the game, trying to collect and power-up all the available units and spells before taking on a scary looking "Cave of Trail" which is unlocked in plus-mode after you beat the game once.

So if you don't have an iPhone, you can still play the game for free at Kongregate.

Go EPIC y'all!

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