Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick with Film!

Over the 2 days that I was incapacitated and bedridden, I watched:

1) The Green Hornet
2) Megamind
3) Winning Season
4) A Fish Called Wanda
5) Fanboys

And the first 5 minutes of Lightspeed. The only reason why I was drawn to Lightspeed was because it was created by Stan Lee. Apparently legends make mistakes too, just like Michael Jordan playing for the Wizards, George Lucas with Episodes I-III and Pacino's alcoholism.

Apart from watching movies, I was asleep for a combined 30+ hours out of a possible 48 and yet I still felt horrible and YET my mom had to question me on those dark circles beneath my eyes. "Well Ma, apparently this new strain of deadly sore throat virus resides in the bags beneath the eyes to give the false impression of lack of sleep when in fact, the unfortunate host is invariably sleepy as f**k!" Obviously I didn't say that, because although my voice sounds all sexy from the sore throat, I can't finish a sentence over 6-words long without having to cough.

So anyways, here are 10 random thoughts on the 5 movies I watched:

1) I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see the Green Hornet: Seth Rogen is a better writer when he can be totally original without the need to adapt characters which are not his own.
2) I couldn't understand Jay Chou: I caught myself glancing at the Chinese subtitles whenever he spoke. Cameron Diaz is STILL hot.
3) Megamind is a great twist on the stereotypical super-villain and it works because it is an animated feature. Will Ferrell is such a talented comedian that he managed to make the dialogue funnier than it really is.
4) You never get to see more than a hint of cleavage on Roxanne Ritchie.
5) Sports movies always make me emotional.
6) Movies don't have to be expensive to make to be enjoyable.
7) Jamie Lee Curtis was HOT! She wasn't stingy like that 3D broad. And you didn't need special effect glasses to make them babies pop off the screen!
8) In terms of story-telling, character, acting and dialogue, they really don't make them like they used to.
9) Making something niche have mass appeal is not easy, and Fanboys have yet to succeed in this.
10) Did you name your right hand Leia?

And to end this post, here are some random stats, not facts:

Oldest to newest movie:
Wanda > Fanboys > Winning Season > Megamind > Green Hornet

Hottest to least hot chick:
Jamie Lee Curtis > Cameron Diaz > Kristen Bell > Roxanne Ritchie > Anyone on Winning Season

Favorite Character: Otto, the Nietzsche quoting ruffian who cannot bear to be called stupid when he is undoubtedly an imbecile.

Least Fav. Character: Linus, cos' he was the boring kid with cancer I suppose.

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