Thursday, March 11, 2010

First and Last

There is an unspoken, yet widely acknowledged sacredness of the first. One's first kiss, a first child, your first words, coming first in a race, your first paycheck, your first car, your first name, the first time you laid your tongue on genitalia... Even the sequence of these examples raise an innate understanding of the importance of what came first in my mind: the first kiss.

I remember my first kiss was on an escalator in the Fortress Hill MTR station. The girl (yes, it was a girl despite my ambiguity when referring merely to "genitalia") wrapped her arms around me and planted a wet one on my lips. The soft, virgin sensation gave me an embarrassing erection which I tried to hide by rotating my hips to the side as she pressed her body against mine. Didn't work, got busted and we had a good laugh out of it. From then on, I substituted my misplaced shyness with inappropriate arrogance by simply pressing back with my ginormous, bulging penis. It's wickedly satisfying.

As for the other: I don't have any children (yet). I have come first in a relay race, so it's a little different than coming in first on your own. Again, the importance of one, which is the not-so-coincidental numerical representation of the first. My first paycheck came in Junior College in the States, since that was the only place I was allowed to work at. I remember buying my parents dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Miyake. Incidentally, that was the restaurant we went to for dinner when we first arrived in America. I won't call our Toyota Corolla in the States my first car, as it was more of the family's, so I don't have one yet. Funny story about first names. Mine is Stephen, and I normally use it in my game avatars as well. A friend of mine was in too much of a hurry to enter his over the default FIRST, LAST fields, so he ended up with the name "First Jack"... which would make for quite an awesome first name actually! I remember looking forward to my first taste of genitalia. I knew it wasn't going to taste good like ice cream or pudding, but it turned out not as bad as I first imagined it to be. But then again, it's not hard to beat an expectation of raw fish smeared with mayo gone bad. It's hard to describe, but it's definitely an acquired taste, and I am definitely keen on acquiring more.

That last example also holds significance, for it punctuates the sentence with dramatic effect. In life, however, it is difficult to define what is last, for there is always the possibility (and sometimes even inclination) of re-occurrence. Even death has come into contention with different religions and how we truly define being dead. Masses of smokers have said to themselves, "This will be the last cigarette I ever smoke!" but remain smokers. Cheaters of wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends have sworn to never sleep around ever, but too often give in to infidelity. I too am a victim, nay, offender of the periodical half-hearted decree of what will be the last.

Alas, it is always the first that is celebrated and remembered more. So for this first post, I too hope it is a celebration in and of itself, and remembered as the beginning of what would be a long and lasting blog.

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